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If they did this they would be breaking up the multiple logging in rule, and rs 2007 gold two people with the exact same IP address can't log to the identical world so that it would be very difficult to do what you are saying. Notice how I said different computers. Also, 1/4 of 30,000 = 7,500 * 7 = 52,500 exp a week....and that's only per high level character...

Ok, I have thought of an idea that can make it simpler for folks to transport around Runescape: A horse and carriage. I mean, wouldn't it be cool, riding a horse round RS instead of playing with some crap toy (could be quite entertaining sometimes) I am still in the first stages of the idea and theres more to come. So far I have just thought of this carriage, the way this would work and how to receive one.

The horse and the way that it could be incorperated into the game remains in thought. Will be submitted as soon as it is thought of. Carriage. Ok, the general idea with this is that it can save your items whilst you are travelling about runescape. I guess you could get two or three inventories in there or similar. This could make it easier to transport larger quantities of items.

I did think about the idea that individuals may use it to, say, chop more trees in order that they could level quicker, I came up with a solution for this: you can just use your carriage when transporting goods from your lender or you are just travelling. Whenever you started to chop a tree, then the carriage would be teleported back to your own bank. ( sounds crappy atm because I am still thinking up answers to problems) Ok. Onto the plan, I dont have a picture at yet. But if I manage to get one, I will post it.

Wooden gate. Fundamentally, this could stop thieves from stealing your items/ stop some items falling outside. Made from: Any type of logs. Made by: with a knife using the logs to make a pub. 6 bars create the gate along with two supports (also made with logs) All these are fused together to buy RuneScape gold create a working gate. Would be nailed onto the carriage.



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