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Kind of like a g/e system where you remove items from OSRS gold the own bank and place into your financing box (which might mean you cant use them yourself unless you choose them out of the lend box). Your lend box might have a limit of say 5 items so people dont use it like a lender, and just particular items can be placed into the lend box. Its nice and easy, it quits the whole RWT and unfair trade issue, and it would most likely be fairly basic and easy to code. What do you think?

You know how we could ask people for assistance and they must accept giving assistance? Perhaps you can do this for adding people to your friend list... I know you can just right click at this time and just do that. One issue is... what should this person doesn't need to be your buddy. . .thats why now there will be an option to take eachothers names.

Say I visit someguy1 and im someguy2... I will right click him click request friendship... when he accecpts he has added to my friend list and I get added to his. Or when we meet at a clan conversation and someguy1 opens his friends list and clicks add, then types my name it can say to someguy2: Someguy1 is requesting friendship... and also you can either dismiss it or click the message to accept.

Also perhaps there may be a brand new chat filter item called buddy asks. . .like the way you are able to turn off assistance... that you can just turn this off too... just in case the friend requests start spamming you. Perhaps there should be a limit of how many requests you may make. . .like maybe 1 or two and then you have to wait for an hour before you can send the request to this individual again. This might help keep undesirable people from adding random people and start spamming them.

So I was thinking the way P2P players have dragons and abyssal demons to train and the way they could train on a monster which is both relatively speedy training and contains some pretty decent drops. The highest lvl monster (besides a revenant) that an F2P player can train is a greater demon that are only found in profound wild and buy RuneScape gold rarely give good drops.


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