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Clan Cadarn, the second major civil war clan is another clan I enjoy. They are a bellicose clan that runescape 2007 gold is exactly the opposite to the Iorwerth. They are more focused on magic and stealth rather than brute force like the Iorwerth. It is a clan that focuses on my two most favorite talents, which is always a good thing. However I'm not sure I love the Crest.

Lady Hefin, Lord Amlodd Lady Meilyr, Lord Amlodd, and Lady Hefin are my top clan leaders. Lady Meilyr is an amazing female appearance. It is like a hippy elf. It's easy to tell her height when you meet her. She's also one of the most useful elf leaders overall with all the Herblore (especially the Herblore I burned 10Mish on purchasing recipes last night and can't wait to get the level to utilize them) and Dungeoneering stuff.

Lord Amlodd is similar, looks quite cool and appears to be the least serious of clan leaders. His clan's crest is also one of my favorites. Lady Hefin is my favourite I think it's pretty badass how she remains young through prayers and a clean lifestyle. She describes herself as a fitness obsessed priest who exercises all day for the sake and then doesn't age. Lady Trahaearn isn't the only clan leader who does not age or ages slow. Lady Meilyer makes use of the power of potions and other mechanisms to achieve that, which isn’t as cool.

The name should be obvious: What do you consider to be the best kind of fighting (both Old School and RS3)? Which style is your favorite? Old School - In general, I found melee to be the most effective. The reason why melee was preferred over the other two is that it was armed with superior armour and weapons and is also more affordable.

The F2P PKing range was once thought to be the shzzle. But, the Maple Longbow (sighted), was a great OP and the perfect weapon to shoot at wars or kill looters. The most effective weapon for F2P. It was possible to reach a distance with it and it would be able to range with your Rune armor and buy RuneScape gold still shoot incredible accurately.


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