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This is an illustration of RS gold the design I created for the first and second floors of my home I wanted all of the Chapels to be represented. My favorite is Guthix His chapel is on the second floor of my "Royal Suite". I have four rooms that I can create an Dungeon, if I ever want one. This is what I envision for my RS home. Perhaps I'll reconsider my decision.

You should note that I am only at the 50th level of construction. Some of these rooms are not built yet. This is my vision for the future. Right now I've got 21 bedrooms, including the very first portal room that I constructed today.

During my RS career I've been able to own a LOT of various things. H'ween Santa, masks, all GWD specific items, excluding SS and Spectral, DFS. 3rd Age Range fury. Every piece of Dragon equipment and armor. Your character is an expression of how you see the world in-game. For example when I was wearing my the full 3rd grade at level 110, I drew many kids who wanted to know what I did to earn money, etc.

I'm not afraid to admit that I have an extremely ugly outfit (Mithchain, studded chaps, and gold ammy), but it is what I love! No one asks me for my claws. Since I am perceived as a numb person, they tend to overlook me. Actually, the other day I was wearing this and changed to Full bandos and claws.

I was welcomed by a gentleman next to me who said, "Oh Luftey, didn’t realize that you were 120. He believed you were level 40.. I was just talking. Your appearance can influence others opinion of you. What extent do you evaluate people based on what they wear? Personally, I believe that most people don't notice me wearing my latest outfit... But when I do spot someone sporting a D-Med, bandos+glory, or even simply full rune and glory, I find it tempting to mentally place them in the nub files, even though cheap RuneScape gold it isn't often the situation.



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