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Visit any furnace within Runescape and then use the ore with it. The Magic Bar will be given to runescape gold 2007 you (65 Smithing Requirement). Cut the gemstone. Then, string the Magic String using 50 crafting steps. You will then have a Magic Amulet. Then, take the ashes you obtained from killing any demon and put it on the gem. Once you have this then you can create a Demonic Amulet. It is then possible to wear it (55 Magic is required). Talk to King Narode.

King Narode Shareen Yes. Yes. He gave me the tools to make this Demonic Amulet. Good, good. I believe you'll need a lesson in demons. Although Glough is a lying backstabbing liar, Glough is an expert in demons. Stop by and visit however I can assure you that Glough will be difficult to convince.

Go to Gloughs house. Hello th- Oh its just YOU. Yes, just ME. Don't make fun of me anymore. What's the reason you're here? Tell me more about demons. Not a chance! Are you sure? It's not possible! It's okay. Make sure you are carrying your Ring of Charos (a) with you, and speak to Glough once more. Would you please tell me? Yes. Do you know anything about Demons? The term "Dark Wizard" refers to a Dark Wizard is required, or someone with dark magic power. These are the words that will suffice.

Glough writes a few words on a piece Papyrus and then hands it. Glough snaps. Glough snaps it out. Aargh! What am I looking for? This is what I'm in need of your assistance in.

The wizard will receive the Papyrus. I don't recongize this spell. However, I'll require 20 death runes as well as 40 air runes. That's it. Then, wait. Remove your Demonic Amulet and talk to cheap RuneScape gold him again. Okay are you ready? Let's start.


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