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Championship League Snooker 2021 live stream

32 groups of four will be played over Stage One, with the winners of each progressing to Stage Two where eight further groups will be played. Those eight winners compete in two final groups on 13 August, with those two winners contesting the final.



It is a long old tournament, with all matches played over a best of four format until the best of five final.

There may be no Mark Selby or Neil Robertson but the likes of Judd Trump, Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins and Mark Williams are all involved, hoping to pick up the first ranking title of the season.

There have been late withdrawals for Zhou Yuelong, Lu Ning, Ng On Yee and Alfie Burden, who have all been replaced in the draw.


Judd Trump and Mark Allen complete Championship League Snooker Stage Two line-up

Ronnie O'Sullivan gets new Championship League Snooker schedule after withdrawals

'I'm indebted to snooker': Why the game is anything but a 'waste of a life'

How to watch Championship League Snooker

In the UK, watch Table 1 coverage on FreeSports (Sky 422, Freeview 64, Virgin 553), while Table 2 is available to stream on Matchroom.Live.

For coverage outside the UK click here.

Matches are played over two sessions, starting at midday and 5pm.

Championship League Snooker groups and schedule

Week One

Sunday 18 July

Group 8 – Table 1
Mark Williams
Jak Jones
Peter Lines
Hammad Miah

Group 7
Ricky Walden
Nigel Bond
Allan Taylor
Oliver Brown

Monday 19 July

Group 19 – Table 1
Ali Carter
Dominic Dale
Sydney Wilson
Michael Georgiou

Group 23
Scott Donaldson
Alexander Ursenbacher
Aaron Hill
Leo Fernandez

Tuesday 20 July

Group 32 – Table 1
Ronnie O’Sullivan
Mark Joyce
Saqib Nasir
Ian Burns

O’Sullivan gets his season underway on Tuesday (Picture: Getty Images)

Group 6
Michael Holt
Andrew Higginson
Fergal O’Brien
Mark Lloyd

Wednesday 21 July

Group 28 – Table 1
Barry Hawkins
Ben Woollaston
Zak Surety
Kuldesh Johal

Group 2
Jordan Brown
Stuart Carrington
Duane Jones
Michael Judge

Thursday 22 July

Group 3 – Table 1
Tom Ford
Simon Lichtenberg
Reanne Evans
Simon Blackwell

Group 10
Ben Fortey
David Grace
Farakh Ajaib
Bai Langning

Friday 23 July

Group 12 – Table 1
Anthony McGill
Mark Davis
Yuan Sijun
Billy Castle

Group 31
Luca Brecel
Pang Junxu
Chang Bingyu
Dean Young

Week Two

Monday 26 July

Group 14 – Table 1
Martin Gould
Ken Doherty
Rory McLeod
Ryan Davies

Group 13
Joshua Thomond
Oliver Lines
Peter Devlin
Luke Pinches

Tuesday 27 July

Group 9 – Table 1
John Higgins
Noppon Saengkham
Igor Figueiredo
Soheil Vahedi

John Higgins leads an international group on Tuesday 27 July (Picture: Getty Images)

Group 26
Gary Wilson
Stephen Hallworth
Cao Yupeng
James Cahill

Wednesday 28 July

Group 29 – Table 1
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
Martin O’Donnell
Craig Steadman
Zhang Jiankang

Group 18
Robert Milkins
Jianbo Zhao
Gerard Greene
Haydon Pinhey

Thursday 29 July

Group 16 – Table 1
Kyren Wilson
Sam Craigie
Ben Hancorn
Dylan Emery

Group 20
Graeme Dott
Robbie Williams
Iulian Boiko
Si Jiahui

Friday 30 July

Group 21 – Table 1
Stuart Bingham
Elliot Slessor
Yang Gao
Michael White

Group 22
Ryan Day
Hossein Vafaei
Jackson Page
Barry Pinches

Monday 2 August

Group 4 – Table 1
Joe Perry
Jimmy Robertson
Shaun Maddocks
Jimmy White

Group 24
Stephen Maguire
Sunny Akani
Ashley Hugill
John Astley

Stephen Maguire is looking for a seventh ranking title (Picture: Getty Images)

Tuesday 3 August

Group 25 – Table 1
Yan Bingtao
Jamie Clarke
Louis Heathcote
Robbie McGuigan

Group 27
Matthew Selt
Ashley Carty
Lukas Kleckers
Fraser Patrick

Wednesday 4 August

Group 17 – Table 1
Shaun Murphy
Jamie Jones
Chen Zifan
Michael Collumb

Group 15
Matthew Stevens
Mark King
Andrew Pagett
Ross Muir

Thursday 5 August

Group 30 – Table 1
David Gilbert
Liam Highfield
Jamie Wilson
Sanderson Lam

Group 11
Zhao Xintong
Joe O’Connor
Andy Hicks
David Lilley

Friday 6 August

Group 1 – Table 1
Judd Trump
Anthony Hamilton
Lee Walker
Rod Lawler

Group 5
Mark Allen
Chris Wakelin
Mitchell Mann
Daniel Womersley

Full match schedule available here.

Championship League Snooker prize money

Stage One
Winner: £3,000
Runner-up: £2,000
Third place: £1,000
Fourth place: £0

Stage Two
Winner: £4,000
Runner-up: £3,000
Third place: £2,000
Fourth place: £1,000

Stage Three
Winner: £6,000
Runner-up: £4,000
Third place: £2,000
Fourth place: £1,000

Winner: £20,000
Runner-up: £10,000

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Mark Selby and Neil Robertson won't be at the tournament, but O'Sullivan will up against the likes of John Higgins and Judd Trump in his search for glory.

O'Sullivan is in a section with Mark Joyce, Ian Burns and amateur player Saqib Nasir.

Former women's world champion Ng On Yee was due to be in O'Sullivan's section, but had to withdraw due to travel restrictions prohibiting her from travelling to England.

O'Sullivan is due to face off against burns in his first match, before playing Nasir and Joyce later on this evening.

Joyce will play Nasir and Burns in the morning section and have a break before facing O'Sullivan.

The 'Rocket' has never won the competition before, but reached the final in 2016.

On that occasion, he lost 3-2 to Trump in the final, and will be hoping to go one better this year.

Here are all the Championship League Snooker results as they happen.

Championship League Snooker results LIVE

Thursday, July 22


Tom Ford vs Simon Blackwell

Simon Lichtenburg vs Reanne Evans

Simon Lichtenburg vs Simon Blackwell

Tom Ford vs Reanne Evans

Reanne Evans vs Simon Blackwell

Tom Ford vs Simon Lichtenburg


David Grace vs Farakh Ajaib

Ben Fortey vs Bai Langning

Ben Fortey vs Farakh Ajaib

David Grace vs Bai Langning

Ben Fortey vs Farakh Ajaib

Farakh Ajaib vs Bai Langning

Wednesday, July 21


Barry Hawkins 3-0 Kuldesh Johal

Ben Woollaston 2-2 Zak Surety

Ben Woollaston 3-0 Kuldesh Johal

Barry Hawkins 3-0 Zak Surety

Zak Surety 2-2 Kuldesh Johal

Barry Hawkins 2-2 Ben Woollaston


Stuart Carrington 3-0 Duane Jones

Jordan Brown 3-0 Michael Judge

Jordan Brown 2-2 Duane Jones

Stuart Carrington 3-1 Michael Judge

Jordan Brown 2-2 Stuart Carrington

Duane Jones 2-2 Michael Judge

Championship League Snooker results LIVE: Ronnie O'Sullivan in action as new season begins (Image: GETTY)
Ronnie O'Sullivan's fury at snooker chiefs' 'bullying'

Tuesday July 20


Ronnie O'Sullivan 3-1 Ian Burns

Mark Joyce 3-1 Saqib Nasir

Mark Joyce 2-2 Ian Burns

Ronnie O'Sullivan A-A Saqib Nasir

Saqib Nasir 0-3 Ian Burns

Ronnie O'Sullivan 2-2 Mark Joyce


Michael Holt 2-2 Mark Lloyd

Andrew Higginson 2-2 Fergal O'Brien

Michael Holt 2-2 Fergal O'Brien

Andrew Higginson 3-0 Mark Lloyd

Fergal O'Brien 3-0 Mark Lloyd

Michael Holt 3-0 Andrew Higginson

Monday, July 19


Ali Carter 3-1 Michael Georgiou

Dominic Dale 2-2 Sydney Wilson

Dominic Dale 2-2 Michael Georgiou

Ali Carter 3-0 Sydney Wilson

Sydney Wilson 1-3 Michael Georgiou

Ali Carter 2-2 Dominic Dale


Alexander Ursenbacher 3-0 Aaron Hill

Scott Donaldson 1-3 Leo Fernandez

Scott Donaldson 1-3 Aaron Hill

Alexander Ursenbacher 3-0 Leo Fernandez

Scott Donaldson 0-3 Alexander Ursenbacher

Aaron Hill 0-3 Leo Fernandez

Sunday, July 18


Mark Williams 3-0 Hammad Miah

Jak Jones 3-1 Peter Lines

Jak Jones 2-2 Hammad Miah

Mark Williams 0-3 Peter Lines

Peter Lines 3-1 Hammad Miah

Mark Williams 3-1 Jak Jones


Nigel Bond 2-2 Allan Taylor

Ricky Walden 3-1 Oliver Brown

Ricky Walden 3-0 Allan Taylor

Nigel Bond 2-2 Oliver Brown

Ricky Walden 3-0 Nigel Bond

Allan Taylor 3-1 Oliver Brown


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